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5 Weird Things That Happen When You Grow Hydroponic Systems

Grow Hydroponic Systems

Even though technology sounds innovative and you are committed with gardening, weird things may happen when you grow hydroponic systems.

Yes, the history of hydroponics dates back to the famed Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Yet, those years of cumulative knowledge may be shying you away. It is ok, it happens more often than you think.

Hydroponics continues to be a timeless and dynamic method of cultivating crops, and helps in the conservation of water. However, many owners of indoor hydroponic gardens have failed at hydroponics, reporting weird things that happened when they tried to grow their favourite herbs.

Here we have collected 5 weird things that can happen when you grow your own hydroponic grow system, as reported by some of these wanna-be growers. And of course, you will find a solution for each one here!


  • Waterbourne disease

A hydroponic grow system is a closed system, meaning the water is constantly recirculated. Disease-causing fungus and bacteria are two microbes that can grow in the water supply systems along with the medium that the plants are held in. They are known as waterbourne diseases.

With the water continually circulating through the system, infections can spread quickly throughout the growing system as a whole. This affects the entire collection of plants.

What to do? In extreme cases, a waterbourne disease can kill all the plants in your hydroponics grow system within hours. That’s why it is important to keep the water in your hydroponic grow system free of contamination.


  • Plants Dry Out

If you’ve been in the business long enough, especially if you live in an area where low voltage or frequent power cuts are the norm, you may come across this weirdness, where once health plants just dry out

A full crop can wither and die within a few hours as soon as there is a power cut. The same is true for low voltage. If there was a power outage and the reservoirs dried up, your plants could die in a matter of hours. Yes, to grow hydroponic systems consists not only about choosing best nutrients and good seeds. Is about power, too.

Right steps to take: Without the root system and the sponge-like nature of soil, the plants are on their own, and they do get overwhelmed–faster than you can say power cut!  That’s why it’s important to build the right hydroponic grow system for your indoor hydroponic garden. 


  • Rotting Roots

Poor or incomplete drainage of the drain tray is one possible cause of root rotting or fungal growth. Hydroponic gardeners have complained of a bad odour coming from the reservoir.

This happens especially when you use an Ebb and Flow system (which is one of the better systems), as some “gardeners” don’t pay attention to their pots sitting in standing water, causing the plant roots to rot. Yes, grow hydroponic systems also involves location, location, location. 

Solution: Pots need to be raised off the bottom.  So if you are new at hydroponics, ensure to pay attention to everything that happens with your hydroponic grow system. It helps to keep a notebook in your indoor hydroponic garden. 


  • Powdery Mildew on My Leaves!

Imagine the picture: You’ve gotten the best nutrients (or so you were told). You are using the most effective hydroponic grow system (again that’s what you were told). You’ve done everything by the book–yet still, you notice a powdery mildew on the leaves of your favourite herb.  

This fungal infection is caused by poor ventilation and high humidity. Your indoor hydroponic garden should have a window with adequate sunlight coming through, or if artificial lighting is being used, such as the HID lamp, then ensure to have an oscillating fan in the room to keep humidity below 65%.

Solution: You can spray or dust the leaves with sulphur to save your crop. Going forward, Neem oil and pine tree oil are suitable for preventing powdery mildew.


  • Frustration

It must be said. While you may think hydroponics is the best thing since sliced bread, it does come with some level of frustration. Or initially, at least.

For one thing, it’s just a fancy name for gardening without soil, but the operative word is ‘gardening’– and you know there is no guarantee that your crop will grow and bear while gardening with soil.

Same thing with hydroponics. You will do everything right, and still lose a crop or two. Then there is the human factor. We tend to forget things. So, if for instance you forgot to turn on the fan or air conditioning unit, or your light bill went so high your utility company decided to deprive you of this basic utility, you could find yourself with a bed of unforgiving plants.

The water could become contaminated and waterbourne diseases could kill all your harvest. The list is infinite as to what could go wrong. If you are not a patient person, frustration could build up. It may seem weird, but that’s why it’s on the list. 

Suggestions? Keep on trying! To grow hydroponic gardens is a fulfilling activity that brings peace of mind, and big satisfactions. Do not dismay in your attempt!


How to Grow Hydroponic Systems and Keep Everybody Happy

So in conclusion, building your own hydroponic grow system is fun and rewarding. However weird things can happen such as waterbourne diseases, plants dry out, roots rot, fungal infection develop on the leaves and just plain frustration of having done everything right and still lose your crop of medical herbs.

Do not lose heart. The key is not to allow these weird occurrences to dampen your spirit, or push you to quit this very advantageous vocation and/or avocaion. Over time, it does get easier and better, while remaining rewarding and fun. 

If you found this article useful, share it with your friends. Knowledge is nothing if kept to oneself. Let us know also in the comment box below.

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