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7 Facts About Hydroponic Gardening That Nobody Told You

facts about hydroponic gardening

Hydroponic gardening has been swiftly gaining popularity as more and more people learn about its benefits. You may already know the basics – hydroponics is a method of growing plants without using soil… But there is so much more to learn about this modern method of growing plants! Here are 7 facts about hydroponic gardening that you probably haven’t heard about.

Fact 1: Hydroponic gardenging needs up to 90% less water than traditional methods

Many people learn with much surprise the fact about hydroponic gardening employs less water than the traditional method of growing plants in soil.

This is one of the most amazing facts about hydroponic gardening and crops: They use only about one tenth of the water required to grow plants the regular way.

When plants grow in soil, much of the water remain in the soil itself, which means that the plants do not absorbe it. With a hydroponic system, water and minerals recirculate over and over again. This modern method of gardening is an ideal option in places with recurrent droughts.

Fact 2: There are so many different subsets of hydroponic gardening

There are at least six different forms of hydroponic gardening. The drip system is the most popular method due to its simplicity, affordability and versatility.

With this system, water-based nutrients enter into to plants using low-flow drip irrigation, powered by a pump.

With the wick system, there are no pumps or motors. This method relies on capillary action – the plant’s natural ability to pull water into its roots. Other forms of hydroponic gardening include the ebb and flow method and the water culture method.

Fact 3: Hydroponic gardening speeds up plant growth

One of the most amazing benefits of hydroponic gardening is a faster harvest time. Plants grown using hydroponic methods grow up to 50% faster.

When plants grow in soil, the roots have to “seek out” nutrients and water.

With hydroponic methods, the plants directly receive the nutrients, so they can focus all their energy on growing.

Fact 4: Hydroponic gardening yields bigger plants

You’ll grow bigger crops using the hydroponic method, due to the extremely efficient conditions.

Unlike traditional methods, hydroponic gardening delivers nutrients directly to the plant.

Because the plants don’t have to work as hard to find nutrients, they can dedicate their energy to growth. You’ll see bigger leaves, fruits and vegetables with the hydroponic method.

Fact 5: Crops are less prone to disease when hydroponic systems are used

Soil-borne diseases are a common problem faced by people who use traditional gardening methods. These diseases are caused by microorganisms in the soil that attack plants through the roots.

These microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses and nematodes) cannot survive without soil. With hydroponic gardening, the risk of soil-based diseases is eliminated.

Fact 6:  Weeds are a thing of the past with hydroponic gardening

Weeding is every gardener’s least favourite task and it can be back-breaking work. You can spend a considerable amount of time removing weeds from your soil-based garden and they’ll always find a way to return.

Most weeds are simply annoying, but others can truly wreak havoc on your plants.

With hydroponic gardening, you will never have to worry about weeds. Because there are no stray seeds in a hydroponic system, there’s no chance of weeds coming up and fighting with your crop for space and nutrients.

Fact 7: You won’t need herbicides with a hydroponic system

Since there are no weeds, there’s no reason to use herbicides. These toxic chemicals are used in soil-based gardens to kill unwanted plants. Though they claim to leave the desired plant unharmed, many researchers have concluded that herbicides are dangerous to humans and pets. Especially with long-term exposure.

With hydroponic systems, there’s no need to use harmful chemicals, so you can produce cleaner, healthier plants.

It’s no wonder hydroponic gardening is widely regarded as a better alternative to soil-based gardening. One after another these facts about hydroponic gardening make people choose creating their own gardens every day.

After learning about the many benefits of hydroponics, many people are making the switch to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable way of growing plants. Canadian Hydro Supply has Everything you need to be successful in hydro growing.

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