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5 Reasons the Best All-in-One Hydroponic Nutrient Is Common In Canada

all-in-one hydroponic nutrient

In an article for the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), entitled Hydroponics Worldwide, Merle H. Jensen wrote:

“…hydroponics is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and Japan. It is high technology and capital intensive.

It is highly productive, conservative of water and land, and protective of the environment. The future for hydroponic/soilless cultured systems appears more positive today than any time over the last 50 years.”

The full text can be retrieved from the ISHS’ website. Part of what Ms. Jensen is saying is that hydroponics is here to stay, even if only a dozen or so countries have embraced this technology. Of those, Canada is front and centre.

Over the past few decades federal governments, provincial governments, and academic institutions in Canada have been pouring millions of dollars into indoor food production projects in Canada’s North. Of course, these indoor hydroponic gardens require the most efficient nutrient formulation to produce healthy plants.

The all-in-one nutrients that offer all the elements to  meet these requirements, are considered the best. So with the increased interests in hydroponics and the need for all-in-one hydroponic nutrients, here are five reasons the best all-in-one hydroponic nutrients are common in Canada.

Proliferation of Indoor Hydroponic Gardens

It’s true. Canada is one of a dozen countries that have embraced hydroponic farming, and as such, in recent times, there has been a proliferation of indoor hydroponic gardens, not only for the production of fruits and vegetables, but also the cultivation of cannabis.

Hydroponic cultivation systems are tremendously popular, and are likely to become even more so. Hydroponic systems have even been developed to provide astronauts with fresh food during expeditions to Mars. It is no wonder that  Canadians are obsessed with hydroponics.

However, an indoor hydroponic garden is highly dependent on the best all-in-one hydroponic nutrients, So with the proliferation of indoor hydroponic gardens, there is also the need for the best all-in-one hydroponic nutrients. This is one reason the best all-in-one  hydroponic nutrient is common in Canada.

Soil Erosion

Another reason the best all-in-one hydroponic nutrient is common in Canada is due to soil erosion. Erosion is the wearing down of the surface of the earth due to the action of wind, water and gravity. It is a natural process and shapes the landscape around us.

However, the use of land by mankind for agriculture, forestry and transportation has accelerated this natural process. Accelerated erosion has occurred in all the agricultural regions of Canada. For instance, no-till farming has declined in Ontario, creating more chances for soil erosion and degradation. Other factors include water erosion and wind erosion.

As a result, farmers have to implement other methods of farming that are independent of soil use. Hydroponics is farming without soil. However, hydroponic plants require nutrients that they would have gotten from the soil, and as such are dependent on all-in-one hydroponic nutrients to grow and bloom.

“Soil” nutrients are different from “Hydroponic” nutrients so there is a demand for all-in-one hydroponic nutrients, and another reason the best all-in one nutrient is common in Canada.

Brand mixing eradication

Another reason the best all-in-one hydroponic nutrient is common in Canada is for the elimination of brand mixing. Brand mixing is the practice of combining nutrients and supplements from different companies. This practice greatly increases the chance of unhappy plants.

Happy plants require the timely addition of quality nutrients and minerals used in the right proportion. It is also good practice to only add one new supplement at a time and watch how plants react before adding anything else new or different.

Most importantly, it cannot be overemphasised that not all nutrients and minerals can be mixed together in high concentrations. That’s another reason the best all-in-one nutrient is common in Canada. The more options you have, the less the likelihood of brand mixing, and unhappy hydroponic plants in your indoor hydroponic garden.


Weather is another reason the best all-in-one hydroponic nutrient is common in Canada. It is said, Canadian weather has become a bit of a guessing game. Will the upcoming summer be the hottest on record? Should we expect floods in the weeks ahead?

Weather models don’t always get it right, but they do reveal some trends when it comes to temperature and extreme weather in Canada. Extreme weather events such as floods and droughts are difficult for traditional agricultural systems to adapt to.

This risk can impact the selection of crops that farmers may consider planting, so while Canada’s cold season could shrink, and seem like an initial blessing, the longer growing season may not amount to better yields or more profitable harvests.

An indoor hydroponic garden therefore, is an obvious solution, as it is sustainable regardless of the weather conditions in Canada. It is for this reason also that the best all-in-one hydroponic nutrient is common in Canada. Your weather-resilient indoor hydroponic
garden depends on it.

Climate Change

How does climate change affect agriculture in Canada? Today, climate change is the term scientists use to  describe the complex shifts, driven by greenhouse gas concentrations, that are now affecting our planet’s weather and climate systems.

Climate change encompasses not only the rising average temperatures we refer to as global warming, but also extreme weather events, shifting wildlife populations and habitats, rising seas and a range of other impacts.

Climate change is the long-term change in weather patterns. This would include more frequent extreme weather events that also generate more mudslides, snow slides, tornadoes, washouts and blizzards – these extreme changes in weather patterns can reduce crop yields by as much as 50% of the average during normal growing conditions, and as such, significantly affect agriculture in Canada.

Since hydroponics, the process of farming without soil, takes much less water to grow produce, it could be a possible alternative in the future for people in the harsher environments of Canada, experiencing climate change, with little accessible water to grow their own food.

Hydroponic plants require the same nutrients their soil-based relatives would need to grow and bloom. As such, this need precipitated by climate change is another reason the best all-in-one hydroponic nutrient is common in Canada.


While there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of Canada’s agriculture industry, one thing is clear: we can expect more extreme weather events, soil erosion and higher average temperatures in the years ahead.

Adaptation will be an important quality for farmers and agri-business, which will see the adoption of environmentally-friendly farming practices, such as hydroponics. The proliferation of indoor hydroponic gardens is a consequence of this adaptation. It is for these reasons and more that the best
all-in-one hydroponic nutrient is common in Canada.

Looking for the best all-in-one hydroponic nutrient? Don’t forget Canadian Hydro Supply has the best all-in-one nutrients in Canada. Did you find this article useful? Why not share it with your friends and family? Do you have an opinion as to the reason the best all-in-one hydroponic nutrient is common in
Canada? Let us know in the comments box below

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